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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review: My youngest sis E-day

Salam ols,

Huwaaa...rindunya Mr Blog..too many things happened recently & wanna share with u for this entry nak story pasal my youngest sis E-day..

Me as a E-day task to decorate the mini dais, hand bouquet & hantaran.. Sebab dah berpengalaman bole la bantu cikit2..

she's wearing my solemnization release for rental..penangite only!

so simple rite??the cost around rm200++..

fresh purple rose flower for her hand some white cost less than rm30..

The hantaran..

using combination of 4 bunch of chrysanthemums or cost less than rm60..

So cekira2 budget utk her E-day brapa?look sweet yet less cost rite?bole la saving money for wedding kan?for e-day less is better..xdala nmpak excited sgt kan..hehe..but its depend..

ok..that all for now..

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