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Friday, January 14, 2011


Diswik a lots of things makes me epy..

1st thing is dewan for my wedding reception already booked!..En Zainal my ex-principal sgt2 supportive and  he already save the date for me..hopefully sume ok...amin

2nd is my collaboration paper with mr adnan from pakistan already accepted n published in Science International.

3rd..Dr rose told me that she has convert one of my paper into another journal..i m not sure which it will increase my list of publications..Alhamdullillah..

4th is my next paper regarding my research work is done! kna bagi akak rose a.k.a Dr Rose approve dulu (my sv)..hahak.. =P 

Last but not least.. NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance: used to check the synthesized compound) result of new mercury complex showed that my complex already form..just need some effort in order to publish another new novel complex..moga tuhan permudahkan sume urusan..amin

But...1 thing make me feel sad n uncomfortable..MY FACE!!!
Ade benda ape ntah singgah kt pipi pimples
kecik2 tp ade air..n sometimes rasa x slesa sb gatal!!..akak kt farmasi btaw mayb allergic ubat..lately i salu amek pain xrsa sb pain killer mende ni stat singgah kt pipi after i guna Ridaf yani bangkoang..huu..abes muka jd bahan telampaw rsaw i sanggup p bli ubat kt ubat ni untuk ilangkan parut sbnarnya...sgt bkesan sb membe dh penah nk try pakai n tawakal jela..InsyaAllah~~

that's all for this entry..hope we can share our happiness and also sadness..
luv...emah xoxo! >.<

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