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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tips: How to differentiate between FAMILY, PENANGGAH, PA SYSTEM and etc2 on ur wedding day.

Salam ols,
Korang ada masalah untuk recognize those peoples x?except ur family members la kn..hehe
but still..not all ur guess can recognize which is ur family members rite?
so the idea is simple..
The ans is "Rozek" with different color..

Plus...korang bole buat surprise with the rozek..
put lucky draw number at the rozek..
nice x?
sure ur family members, penanggah & PA system excited kan???

This is just an idea which is i'll apply during my reception day..
so if korang berminat korang pun bole buat mcm ini..hee ^_^

for parents

for siblings

for penanggah

for PA system

Rozek ni emah beli dari WS HANDICRAFT..x cukup masa dah nak buat sendiri plus harga rozek ni sangat murah dan berpatutan bermula dari agak berbaloi kan?jimat duit jimat masa..
..24 days to go..
..wish me LUCK.. o.O



  1. comel2...siap ada number tu kat rozek...hehe

  2. nana: 2 utk lucky draw nana..

    yana: maseh =)


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