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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hubby's Birthday

Salam suma..

Epy besday to all octoberian!!!..especially to my beloved hubby & my roomate Pka..

This is our 1st time celebrate bday as married couple..hubby penah ckp dia x penah pn celebrate bday ada cake, candle & etc2..sian kan? sebab 2 bday hubby kali ini i try my best to make him happy..

Aceli the date October10 ve a lots of memorable memories;
10.10.07 He proposed me as his girlfriend..we officially coupled..
knowing each other for 2 years and last year 10.10.10 we were engaged..

So this year 10.10.11 finally we celebrate his bday in proper way..hehe..We were having diner at Damiral's Grill with his parents..surprised him with homemade cake yg comot & special bday card for him..

cake yg somot tpi cdap..hehe

handmade bday card..

hubby with his bday cake ^_^

loving couple 1
part ni yg plg kelakar..abah dgn kopiah tapi ktorg celebrate dgn candle redah je..sibek abah supportive *_^

loving couple 2..haha

control je..xleh nk wat muka gedix2 sb abah yg snap..haha :P

Perasan x?On the same date was also our 4th anniversary of our love story..haha..

~~to be continue~~

To all octoberian..
"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. So enjoy the trip!"

To my beloved hubby:

lots of luv,


  1. Hepy besday. Hubby i pun besday die in october. . 7 oct hari tu hehe

  2. iedchan: epy belated besday to ur hubby too.. :)


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