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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Research..research..& research

Salam reader..

Topic sound so boring rite??aceli not..just keep reading ok..hihik..(paksa rela)..

Lately my whole life can be describe in one word.."research"..i do research in lab, room, while blogwalking or even when i observe people around me..hahaha..research addict..

 im ready to???..pose!..hehe..pakai labcoat bagai..wink3 =.=

Why i need to do research?
The answer is...thats what i need and i must do now!

I ve 2 research topic to cover in order to graduate successfully..ohho..
1st: My master degree in chemical order to graduate as master holder..
2nd: My research regarding WEDDING!!!..the most challenging topic to cover..start from preparation until task to be a good order to graduate as isteri solehah...boleh ke?boleh2!..chaiyok!!

Alhamdullillah..thank you everyone in lab seen very happy, everything ve been clarify so no more misunderstanding between each other. For me working in group is quite interesting because we need to get know each other, then create chemistry among us and the most important thing is RESPECT EACH OTHER. As long as we keep good relationship everything will be smooth and nice. Then our research will be very interesting.

Then about wedding progress, so far dress for akad nikah already made. But a bit loose and need to refitting. For the wedding veil i already made it on my own. Dun want to take any risk due to some unsatisfied so i decided to made on my own. So i can design it exactly like i wanted. For reseption dress, i really headache when thinking about this. The lace or nett rusty pink color is not available. I already search everywhere..alamoda, kamdar, alkaria & etc2..even my wedding planner also try..but still cant find the real color we want..cedih..sob3 (T.T) hope we'll find it soon.. =.=

The good news is i already hired wedding photographer and make up photographer is my ex-schoolmate..omar, wan and fizz..they are a team, quite talented only after i did some research from their work and the price is affordable. They will cover 3 days event. Really hope everything will be fine eventhough i keep thinking how i want to give pose in front of my frens...oh god!.. And for make up artist i give trust to my make up artist forever..Azwade Design..he has make over me for 3 times, 2x for diner and during my E-day. I adore his work..his touch look very natural and nice.

pssst:  Keep in touch reader..later i'll show you some pic of my wedding progression..ngeee

wit luv,

emahsomel =)

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