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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Salam ols,

Fuhh..sgt penat arini baru balik lab..tapi still ada energy lagi nak update entry yg terperap dalam lappy..entry kali ini x nak bebel panjang2..i'll let my pics do the story mory for u..

We having fun time wit bowling, diner and midnite miss the moment before together under one roof, i mean to say 'hostel' bila dh hangout wit gurlfren 2 paham2 jela..we bring along a bit gedix and gegeh..weee~~

 stokin belang2

 pics gedix.wahaha..

 from rite side : paah, yana, amal, pka, ecah, emah =)

pic xda motif..tapi sgt suka background situ santek..

 group kalah..wahaha =P

 group menang dan hots..wink3 ^.*


midnite hangout at pantai mutiara..

Did my pics do the story mory for u?no?..ohho..then create ur own story base on the pics..ngee~~
Thanks readers, take care..papai.. =)

yg penat,
emahsomel ^.*

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