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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Got new organizer..yeah!!


Hee..i know may be its too late to ve organizer..hehe..but now only march, atlis i ve new organizer for year 2011..or may be my new year just started..perhaps not..huu..Everything must be recorded..if not i'll miss something..a lots of things need to do in one short day..then everything must be plan wedding day almost near, my study too already out of track left behind the milestone..adoyai.. T.T

 this is my old organizer..for 2010

 i luv to decorate on my own eventhough sumtmes i feel like childish..its ok im only 23 not yet 24.. =P

 hee..this is schedule for oct E-day..luv it.. -.- u can see i also luv march!..wee~~

This is one of the reason why i still using organizer for year 2010..i keep and write everything especially about my wedding planning here..


Taraaaaa....this is the new one..for 2011..sponsored by cimb..
Aceli this is a gift from mr tunang.. =)
He has a lots of organizer tapi buat collection je x guna i ask him why not u give me one..hehehe

 hehe..soli mr tunang i hide ur msg behind this..but dont worry i still can read ur msg..hee =)

 haha..xda pic nk tempek..last2 print this pic and tempek..i told u my new year begin on march..leave blank page for january and feb..

Aceli i just went back after shopping some stuffs and hangout at beachside wit life quite stressfull lately even when i write this entry. Im sick of people around me. They are too much pretending. So hypocrite..not all but some..yes i reallize sometimes we need to take care of someone feeling but not necessary to pretend as someone else..its better if we just be whoever we are. Allah please guide my way, hopes u always listen to me.. T.T

Thanks reader..

p/s: thanks to rumate as u willing to listen..feel release now..perhaps after i wake up tomorrow morning everything will be forgotten   ^.*

jiwa tacaw,


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