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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Engagement Day 10.10.10

Salam ols,
Suddenly my mood to post entry about my E-day just arrived..I just woke up from sleeping beauty then feel really fresh and just site infront of my lappy and do some why not i share my experience during my E-day with u ols guys..

The ceremony was held on October 10th,2010 at my house. Teng3..We decided to make it 10.10.10 because this figure have very sentimental value for me and him. We declared as a couple on 10.10.07..on the same date was also Mr tunang bday and our 3rd anniversary as a couple..Lots of families and friends are coming over on that day...Thank you so much!!

My theme for that E-day was Cream. The decoration for my hantaran is purple color, which all i've made it by myself . Our hantaran was 9 returned  7. But last minute it change to 14 returned 7. Normally our relatives and close neighbor will bring some present for other side. So lucky rite???..For my makeup it was done by Azwande make up artis..i do luv it!..For the dais seating also i DIY by myself.
Alhamdulillah..everything went well just like i wanted it to be. Just simple but very memorable..see these :)

These info may help u for those who are getting engage  :)
Checklist For E-Day: 
1. Outfit: choose the soft and lite color compare to dark..u will look so soft and adorable..
2. make up: natural make up is enuf..
2. Pelamin duduk: preferable than pelamin berkerusi..x sesuai pelamin tinggi it will look weird when ur mother in law nak sarungkan cincin..+ nampak lebih sopan duduk bertimpuh..weheee
3. Hantaran
4. Cincin
5. Bunga tangan
6. katering..if needed...

& etc2 depend on ur budget..not necessary to spend a lots of money..just make it simple and memorable.. :)

Check this link out if u r interested..Azwande make up artis..

emahsomel ^_^


  1. dah tak lama lagik nak tukar title lakkk hehehe

  2. 8days to go..huhu..nebes..doakan everything be just like i wanna it be..amin =)


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