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Thursday, April 14, 2011

PART 4: outing with I.S.H.A.D......R.I.O time~~

Salam ols,
Ok this is the latest one, last wiken outing with ishad for his 2nd muvi after this time we went to watch muvi RIO..for this 2nd muvi ishad do better..he can finish the muvi without fall to sleep..see these :)

 semangat 1mesia toi dak kecik ni

 everytime p jusco ishad kena p library pektis membaca =P

 aceli ishad kena p library while waiting his uncle p solat..

 ishad fav..he call it ailing (ais cream)


 somot so ishad need to wear napkin aka tissu

 nacib baek yang ni makan x somot

 wehehe..acik pun suka ailing jgk..

 on the way back..ishad feel so happy after wacth RIO.. :)

 pssst: x kisah la orang nak cakap janda anak 1 ke..or duda anak 1 ke..yang penting we ols happy outing together...wehehehehe~~~~

cik ishad,
emahsomel ^_^

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